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About us


This site is dedicated to All of our Veterans, past and present irrespective of serving overseas or not, type of uniform or to length of Service.

If you think someone is deserving of recognition for there service, then you can purchase badges or Shirts for their service. Then you can do a presentation to them for the service to their country.

My background is that I joined the Army in 1980 units I served with was 10 IRC, (10th Independent Rifle Company, 3RAR (3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment ), HQ 8 Bde (Head Quarters 8th Brigade), 4/3 RNSWR (4th/3rd Royal New South Wales Regiment) , 5/7RAR  (5th/7th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment), DFSU ( Deployed Forces Support Unit) Two tours of RCB ( Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia), 82 , 97 discharged from ARA (Australian Regular Army) as a SSgt (Staff Sergeant), Gres (General Reserves) for three years, After 23 years I pulled the pin 2003.

I am a for-profit company however, All of my Profits will go to the Veterans 360 Australia fund, which means 3 Three Forces – 6 Six Branches- and 0 Zero Homeless Veterans.  You can visit their website and,

Young Veterans.  Young Veterans is an auspice organization under the Dandenong RSL that seeks to encourage veterans under the age of 60 into RSL’s across Australia and modernise Australia’s longest running Ex-Service Organisation. You can visit their website

 After brothers Scott and Chris came back from their deployments to the middle east, they found that there was a severe disconnect between the ‘Vietnam Era’ Servicemen and Women and our more ‘Contemporary’ veterans.

They teamed up with fellow veteran, Sven, in Brisbane and brainstormed ideas to close this void and misconception

Along with Vietnam Veteran and President of the Dandenong RSL, Mr John Wells OAM, the two brothers set out to empower veterans of all services, regardless of conflict to join them in conducting outdoor recreational activities that are enjoyed by so many Australians across the country.

My first presentation to Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor General of Australia - Canberra, August 2015.



My Second presentation was to Mark Donaldson VC. I had the privilege and opportunity to meet Mark at the National RSL & Services Clubs Association at the Crowne Plaza Resort, Hunter Valley NSW on the 13 Apr 2016. We had a good chat (about 10 minutes) about what Thank You For Your Service do and letting him know where our profits will go to, i.e. V360 Australia Ltd. and Young Veterans. He was very impressed with the work that they were doing.   


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